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Injustice System is a German rock band, formed in Kamen, NRW in 2012 by Falko Bröggelwirth (drums) and Tobias Thielmann (guitar). After a few weeks of rehearsing the band recruited Markus Horstmann (guitar and vocals) and Heiko Lüker (bass) as permanent members. In early 2013 Tobias left the band due to time contraints and was replaced by Henrik Neunert in Autumn 2015. Over the next two years the band played many live shows to increase their awareness in the scene. After self-releasing their debut demo "StonerGrungeBluesPunkrock" in 2014 Injustice System decided to work on a 7'' Split-EP with the local mates of is LOVE alive? which was self-released in spring 2016. The first Album "Red Sun" released as a limited Edition on Compact Disc as a Digipak on May 19, 2017, including 8 Songs. The musical style of Injustice System incorporates stoner rock, blues rock, grunge, punk rock and sludge rock, and has been compared to such acts as Kyuss, Sleep, Alice in Chains and Earthless.